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Welcome to Sexual Health Tips online. We hope to provide a place you can refer to when in question regarding many aspects of a healthy sex life. The most important factor in bringing about a healthy, safe and enjoyable sex life is education and communication. Please browse our articles and if you find that there is something you would like to know more about please email us as we would greatly appreciate any feedback you have.

Sex & Intimacy-
a helpful resource including articles about intimacy, communication skills, sexual positions, and much more...

Women's Sexual Health-
Some facts, tips and other resources that will help keep a woman's body healthy. Also some articles regarding some regular sexual concerns most women deal at one point or another such as not being in the mood, trouble becoming aroused, which usually involves being too "dry", difficulty having orgasms, and pain during sex...

Men's Sexual Health-
More facts, tips and resources to promote the wellness and health of men. Some articles include exercises to help promote endurance in the bedroom, a handy doctors recommended check up check list, and common sexual issues men face such as premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Safe Sex-
There are many ways you can practice safe sex! From abstinence, to condoms and dams, to knowing when you are ovulating. Read these articles to find out how to stay safe from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and to learn more about the best and worst methods of birth control.

This section covers a wide variety of topics from our site all compiled in one section for a quick reference. Everything from Fellatio techniques to "How do I ask my partner to try a new position?"

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